Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moms Dark Scavenger Hunt

Not again!

She looked like some scavenger who was groping for food before she would believe that the thirty dollars she had in her purse was missing!

And her brand new digital camera that they were planning to take on their family vacation, the one that they had been saving for, working until near exhaustion...gone!

But this, this one tops the cake. How did someone break into her shed and steal the lawn mower?

Well I’m going to ask her and this time she better tell me the truth! The Christian mother peers into her daughters pin sized pupil eyes and asks "are you using again?"

“I’m sick of this!” The daughter screams back with her convincing spiel of lies. “Every time you misplace something you blame me!”

“Oh I misplaced my lawnmower! Right!, More like you owed your drug dealer money and gave them the key to my shed at an opportune time!”

Mom's heart bleeds, the moment of truth arrives. Finally she realizes she can’t live in denial any more. She’s even starting to resent the happy family’s at church that couldn't possibly know what lies, thievery, and living with the daily terror of will my daughter OD today life was all about.

Prayer after countless prayer, intervention after intervention, and the life of addiction has once again reared it’s ugly head. Mom feels alone. Overwhelmed as if she was standing under the mighty Niagra as the mighty falls of sorrow poor down. She feels like a failure. Satan whispers in her ear it’s your fault. All the broken promises from her daughter, the false belief that she was delivered when all along she was just getting much sneakier... mom can’t live like this any more.

“Get out! Get out NOW!" Mom snaps.

“Fine! I’m leaving, and I’m not coming back! You hear me? Throw out your own kid, what kind of mother are you?" the daughter sneers.

“A richer one! I won’t be stolen from or lied too!” Mom's chest tightened with pain. Her daughter stomps off, slamming the door shut behind her.

Not even a full day goes by and mom’s on a new scavenger hunt, Only this ones a little more chilling. News reports for robberies, drug raids, and the local news paper wondering if she’ll read about her daughters death or arrest .

Yes, It's a typical scene happening daily even in our christian homes.


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  3. In your honour and in the honour of wall the Writwrs and Poets, I published an ilustration.

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