Friday, January 29, 2010

What Type Of Embellisher Are You?

"That's some imagination you got!" Only the look I received was strange. Almost as if the silent query was "are you all right?"

I just smiled at my mom and helped her with the computer mouse and scrolled down as she continued to read. I had her over for coffee and she was reviewing the antagonist in my novel The Third Power.

She said "he gave her the woolies." Ahem, I wondered if maybe I did.

Is the natural ability to embellish a writers gift?
On my word doc I can live in any fantasy land I chose and with a thriller genre, I can create all types of lunatics, and still call myself normal, talented, and gifted.

Well, bless my soul!

Embellish: According to the dictionary it means; 1. to increase the beauty of something by adding ornaments (we call them words) 2. To make an account or description more interesting by inventing or exaggerating details. (Yep I’m thinking I kinda always fit in with that description) 3. To add extra notes, accents, or thrills, to make it more beautiful or interesting (ever over research something to death? - any honest critique yawns and says boring.)

Writers, what type of embellisher are you?


  1. I'm 2 and 3. :) People have told me that the real event didn't take as long to live through as it does when I re-tell it!

    Nice to meet you. I came over from the critique loop at ACFW

  2. I like the photo of the ocean. I presume the woman in the hat is you. ;) I liked the shot so much I showed it to my hubby who is a professional photographer, and he said, “Nice picture. It draws you in.” I think it’s captivating. :)

  3. Hi Ginny, Thanks for dropping by. Actually the picture is not me, but I too found it captivating. My Romance Suspense novel occurs on Martha's Vineyard. This photo decribes me to a T

    Blessings, Diane